Welsh Government - Anti-Racism Metaverse

In partnership with mXreality, and working with subject specialist teams from Cardiff and Vale College and other leading institutions, we have developed a vast, accessible and immersive 3D metaverse environment consisting of four different themed areas. We look forward to sharing our experiences, stories and histories with you. You are invited to engage in an immersive learning experience, one that will add light to your understanding of the world. As you travel through this world, we ask that you engage with the resources and reflect on their significance. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the cultures and traditions that form part of our shared identity.

If this is your first time here, we recommend you read through the information below to find out more about what to expect and how to navigate and interact in the Anti-Racism Metaverse. However, if you are already familiar with this, then please:

Access the Anti-Racism Metaverse now!

Accessing the Metaverse

  • We highly recommend that you use a desktop or laptop with speakers / headphones and a modern 64-bit browser to optimise your experience.
  • If exploring the Anti-Racism Metaverse on a touch enabled device, please select the appropriate setting (Touch / Keyboard) on the controls screen at the start.
  • You will need to enter your name at the start.

Using Mouse / Keyboard (Note: The location of the keyboard controls do not change for non-English (QWERTY) keyboards).

Using Touch Controls (only available on a touch enabled device).

There are interactive items in the Metaverse that you can click on to do various things.

Grand Atrium

The experience starts in a Grand Atrium courtyard with a brief welcome video by the project lead. Have a look around the atrium.

Access the Anti-Racism Metaverse now!

Hint: You need to get close enough to click on the portals. Each portal has a plaque above it indicating the world waiting for you on the other side.


4 1 Experiences

The Experiences Metaverse is set in a representative Welsh street of semi-detached properties with access to six of them (three on each side of the street). In each house, you can find out more about the background and interests of the inhabitant from the video playing on the TV and by clicking on some of the interactive items (identified by the three dots icon) in the living room.

Immersive Studies

4 2 Immersive Studies

The Immersive Studies Metaverse consists of a main lower level area and three upper level areas. The main area has various items of geometrical interest because of their shapes and patterns, showing the relationship between maths, science and nature. You can find out more about these items by clicking on them. There is also a QR Code on the display panel near some items which you can scan with your mobile phone camera to view an augmented reality (AR) or 3D version of the item on your device.

The upper level consists of:

  • a Maths Room – allowing the visitor to explore the importance and history of numbers,
    mathematical and geometrical shapes
  • a Hair and Beauty Room – allowing the visitor to familiarise themselves with the
    history and roots of hair and beauty
  • an Inventions Room – informing the visitor on some significant inventions and early
    contributions to modern day life

World Timeline

4 3 World Timeline

The World Timeline Metaverse consists of a main central area and four geographical regions, each accessible via a tunnel from the central area. Each tunnel displays information providing a background, identity and visualisation of a representative individual from that region. Each of the four regions (detailed below), consists of four time periods allowing the visitor to experience representative architecture, imagery and information related to ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern times.

The four regions available in this Metaverse are: Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Northern Europe.

As you move around the world timeline, in the central area and each of the regions, there are interactive items that you can click on that link to videoclips to provide useful additional information. There are also QR Codes in some of the regions which you can scan with your mobile phone camera to view an augmented reality (AR) or 3D version of the item on your device.

Access the Anti-Racism Metaverse now!


4 4 Feedback

In each of the Metaverse environments, there is a rotating coloured prism which you can click on to return to the Grand Atrium.

Before you leave the experience, please return to the Grand Atrium and click on one of the tablets situated around the tree to complete a very brief questionnaire to tell us what you think of our Anti-Racism Metaverse. We would really love to receive your feedback.

About the Project

5 1 About

Aim / Mission

In 2022 the Welsh Government announced that it was committed to ensuring Wales will be an anti-racist country by 2030 – the first country to make this commitment. A key part of its Anti-Racist Wales Action plan has been to develop an anti-racist curriculum.

The curriculum is in the form of a metaverse – the first anti-racist virtual world. This innovative development, led by Cardiff and Vale College on behalf of the Welsh Government, provides an accessible and immersive learning experience developed and produced in collaboration with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities and third parties.

5 2 About


As the first nation to invest in an anti-racist virtual curriculum, the project has seen a growing base of international collaborators and education experts. Accessible through the website www.antiracism.wales this resource extends its impact beyond Wales.

With an expanding network of international collaborators and education experts, it holds global relevance and offers tremendous possibilities for learners worldwide.

The metaverse – www.antiracism.wales – has been developed in partnership with MX Reality using the Metaverse Hub platform.

5 3 About

Target Audience

The curriculum materials provided within the metaverse cater to various educational levels, from schools to Further Education colleges and universities. While primarily designed for FE students studying at Level 2 or 3, the metaverse’s versatility ensures learners from all sectors can engage with its resources.

5 4 About


The Anti-Racism Metaverse contains four key areas where users can have engaging experiences, including hearing the lived experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic people, resources across a range of subject areas. It will also feature a World Timeline, the first of its kind, providing a timeline of history that is “unfiltered” adding breadth and depth to the traditional curriculum.

This metaverse, developed in conjunction with ethnic minority experts from schools, colleges, universities, and third parties, is the world’s first anti-racist virtual world, designed to provide an accessible and immersive learning experience for learners of all ages.

Access the Anti-Racism Metaverse now!

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